6th MMFO

The curriculum is performance-based training, using current educational approach such as problem-based learning and inquiryled that allows participants to develop critical thinking and lifelong learning skills.
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6th MMFO

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The 6th Management of Malaria Field Operations graciously started last January 19, 2009 at Bangkok, Thailand. The course will run for two months until March 13, 2009. This course was developed by the Bureau of Vector Borne Disease, Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Public Health, Thailand. The training course is in great collaboration with ACTMalaria, WHO, USAID, Malaria Consortium, CDC-USA and Faculty of Tropical Medicine, Mahidol University. The course objectives of the course are the following: 1. to develop the capacity of mid-level malaria manager to be able to apply critical thinking and management principles to improve evidence-based malaria control, 2. engage in participatory-based approaches to malaria control, and 3. advocate for malaria control. The course structure and syllabus contain seven modules. Participants will undergo pre and post test, individual and group projects. At the end of the course, learning and instruction design will be assessed through questionnaires and comments.

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