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ACTMalaria Launched Regional Trainin Strategy

Posted: Thu Dec 15, 2016 7:07 am
by jufel

ACTMalaria launched the Regional Training Strategy last November 24, 2016 during the Booth/Poster Exhibit on the 20th Founding Anniversary celebration of the network in Clark Pampanga, Philippines.
Regional Training Strategy is a consolidated output from the Malaria Elimination Training and the results of the survey on human resource development for malaria.
The training strategy identifies priority needs for competency building to maintain and expand human resource capacity on prevention, control and further unto elimination. It also identifies possible join or collaboration for human resource development and partnership with relevant national and international agencies involved in the development of human capital. An initial plan for monitoring and evaluation of the training strategy is also included in this report.

RTS Display in the ACTMalaria Secretariat Booth on the Exhibit