Poster/Booth Exhibit during the 20th Anniversary of ACTMalaria

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Poster/Booth Exhibit during the 20th Anniversary of ACTMalaria

Postby jufel » Tue Nov 29, 2016 2:57 am

The celebration of 20th Anniversary of ACTMalaria gave an avenue for everbody to display what are their status so far on the battle against the disease Malaria. A poster/booth exhibit was held at the second part of the event of the day. The exhibit was properly opened through the cutting of ribbon lead by Dr Gerardo Bayugo, Undersecretary of Health, Department of Health. The participants were given a chance to showcase the achievement of some member countries, ACTMalaria Alumni, Philippine ACTMalaria Alumni Association, RITM, PSFI. The guests were able to ask the participants personally about their presentations. The exhibit highlights the workforce in the field and the actual results of their program implementation. This poster/booth exhibit presentations give emphasis on the extent of investment made by the program on malaria workforce development in the last years.

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