1st International ACTMalaria Course on Strengthening Training in Malaria

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1st International ACTMalaria Course on Strengthening Training in Malaria

Postby jufel » Sat Aug 06, 2016 6:21 am

Feb 09, 2009

The Department of Health in collaboration with ACTMalaria organized the first international course on Strengthening Training on Malaria Microscopy and Quality Assurance held at Royal Mandaya Hotel, Davao City last September 8-20, 2008. Twenty one participants from nine ACTMalalaria member countries attended the training. Dr. John Storey, training consultant and malaria expert together with six
Filipino microscopy experts (5 ACTMalaria Alumni and one ACTMalaria Regional Validator) facilitated the training.

The participants of the course were expected to demonstrate competence and ability in designing, planning, implementing and evaluating each of the different kinds of courses available to training in Malaria Microscopy (MM). The main focus being on (a) newly recruited health staff with differing educational levels at entry; (b) for staff receiving identified refresher training; (c) the retraining of working microscopists and (d) within the concept of MM training as part of an integrated training programme. They are also expected to demonstrate competence to design and
carry out training for trainers and facilitators for identified national training when they go back to their respective countries.

This training was supported by USAID-Asia through WHO.

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