Pharmaceutical Management and Quantification of Antimalarial Medicines Discussion Forum

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Pharmaceutical Management and Quantification of Antimalarial Medicines Discussion Forum

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Originally posted by Joseph Yap from the old forum.

Pharmaceutical Management and Quantification of Antimalarial Medicines Discussion Forum

Background: MSH is partnering with ACTMalaria to conduct a virtual discussion forum as a follow-up to the Pharmaceutical Management and Quantification of Antimalarial Medicines Workshop in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Objective: The primary objectives of the forum are to:

Provide program managers and key implementation staff with technical feedback on practical implementation of their country improvement programs and additional support for strengthening management of antimalarial medicines.
Identify and address any barriers to implementation encountered while attempting to implement various aspects of the country improvement plans.
Promote an inexpensive and effective platform for continued experience sharing in malarious countries in Asia through the ACTMalaria network.

Participants: The workshop is designed primarily for particpants who attended the workshop in Hanoi, Vietnam from November to December 2007; the national malaria program manager may wish to invite an additional one to two persons who work in the areas of forecasting and program management of antimalarial medicines to also participate.

Method: RPM Plus will conduct the follow-up discussion through the “ACTMalaria online forum” on each Tuesday beginning August 12 and ending September 9, 2008. Each week, a technical expert in pharmaceutical management of antimalarial medicines will moderate session focused on one of five general topics—

Management Information Systems/Data Collection and Reporting
Storekeeping and Inventory Management
Monitoring and Evaluation
Budget Management

Given the time difference between the moderator and participant locations in the United States and Asia, each session will be spread out over two days. On the first day of the session (Tuesday), the moderator will introduce the topic and ask a question to stimulate participant discussion. After participants have had time to respond, the moderator will address the issues raised and continue leading the discussion; wrapping-up the sesson on the second day (Wednesday).

Needs Prior to the workshop: To make the workshop most efficient the planners and moderators ask that participants—

Confirm their participation in the online discussion forum through ACTMalaria.
Register on the ACTMalaria website (detailed instructions attached) to access the “ACTMalaria Online Forum”.
Each week prior to the discussion forum, participants will receive a power point presentation via e-mail on the next discussion topic. Participants are expected to review the presentation and come prepared to share experiences and discuss any obstacles encountered during the last six months.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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